When you get tired of driving, try flying. Clever adaptations of virtual helicopter games and popular car games, take your virtual arcade experience, literally, to a higher level. The most advanced helicopter games may, in fact, make you feel as if you are flying, and your banked 3-G turns may inspire a vague sensation of vertigo.

The basics of helicopter games

In the little dialogue boxes that show you the instructions, the games seem deceptively simple: Use the arrow keys to control up and down, forwards and backwards; use the mouse to control your speed-or some variation of those combinations. The only complicated part is that doing it simultaneously thing; going forward and going up is not as easy as intuition suggests.

One simple answer: Practice, practice, practice.

Of course, while you practice, you should play against the computer, because it เว็บแทงบอล provides more than enough competition for a newbie, and the mountains can creep up on you really fast. When you get that first little inkling of cockiness, try playing against another person, learning the real life definition of “newb.” After a little more practice with online competition in mind, return to virtual competition determined the carve out your place in the helo-pilots’ hall of fame.

Start your virtual helicopter gaming experience with “HeliRacer”-challenging enough that you will build all the skills you need to become an ace, but not so overwhelming that you will surrender your pilot’s license before you complete your first trip around the course. Like all online games, “HeliRacer” challenges your dexterity, requiring your quickness on the arrow keys and your self-control on the touchpad or space bar. Don’t worry. After you crash and explode into flames, you bounce right back and are free to resume your flight.

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